Friday, June 19, 2009

Research Topics

We are pleased to add a new feature to the NABCA website - a blog to discuss branch campus issues from the community college perspective. NABCA offers one of the few opportunities for two- and four-year colleges and universities to collaborate and discuss common issues and to learn from each other for the benefit of our students. We hope you will find this blog to be a valuable resource for collegial discussion of the challenges and successes on the pathway to building dynamic student-centered campuses in our local communities.

Let me start things off with a question from our research committee. Phyllis Bebko, Chair of the committee, is building the Research Agenda for the year and is interested in hearing about topics that would be of value to the membership. Please give us your thoughts.

One issue that I’m interested in hearing about from my NABCA colleagues is the transformation process of an institution morphing from a single- into a multi-campus institution and the strategies and processes that facilitated the change process on a cultural as well as operational level. Some brief background. Here at Brookdale our branch campus was started about 3 years ago as the largest of our five centers grew to the point of offering full degree programs. We are experiencing explosive growth at the campus as well as the other sites which is elevating the multi-campus aspect of what was previously a strong single-campus culture. I’m interested in hearing about strategies targeted for the college faculty, administration, staff and students to help them buy-in to what we call our decentralization effort and see its value in the short and long-term growth of the institution. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks, Anita